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Digital Growth Charts API

A first-of-its-kind 'Best Practice As Code' development by the RCPCH

Digital clinical tools provided to developers of clinician and patient facing technology. #royalcolleges3.0

Free basic access to all, fully open source, and sustainably managed as a non-profit enterprise.


Open Source

For transparency, accuracy, and maximum reuse, our Growth Charts API and associated libraries are 100% open source. We welcome code reviews, feedback, issues and pull requests. Check us out on GitHub - we're the first Royal College to have clinical code in it's own GitHub organisation!


Gold Standard

Working with the UK's top experts in growth monitoring, growth charts, centile and SDS calculation, and child development, we've created an API that takes away the heavy lifting of calculating child growth parameters. You get reliable, safe results instantly.


Demo clients & tools

To help you implement the API we've built demo clients and tools to help with charting. These are all open source and permissively licensed to allow code reuse in your application without affecting the Intellectual Property rights of your developed solution.

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Award Winning

The RCPCH was proud to win 'Best Health Tech Solution in the Health Tech Awards 2020 for the Growth Charts API. It was really heartening to see infrastructural projects like ours being recognised as the building blocks of incredible future clinical interfaces.


Learn More

Over the development of the Growth Charts project and preceding years, the Digital Growth Charts team has written lots about Doing Digital Growth Charts. Read more: