Pricing and usage Tiers

The aim of the RCPCH Digital Growth Charts is to bring high-quality child growth parameter calculation to every clinician at the point of care. In order to run a sustainable service, the APIs must generate some revenue.

The RCPCH is a charity and the APIs are run sustainably as a commercial entity but on a fair non-profit basis. By subscribing to one of our paid services, you are contributing to maintenance of the APIs and future API developments.

Your applications

Create applications within your pricing tier in order to generate credentials to access the APIs.

1. Select a Tier from the 'Tiers' drop-down above to get started. IMPORTANT: ONLY THE FREE TIER IS INSTANT ACCESS. Other tiers will need to wait for approval, onboarding, and payment verification, so we recommend the Free Tier for everyone initially. You can create multiple Free Tier apps, and also at different Tiers.

2. Create a unique name for your application. (It doesn't matter what you call it as long as it has meaning for you). Click 'Subscribe' to create the app.

APIs available in this Tier